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ADR, not occupancy, drives RevPAR, study

ADR, not occupancy, drives RevPAR, study finds


The Best Way to Help Nepal Recover From

The Best Way to Help Nepal Recover From the Quake? Go There on Vacation

‘Will I get a shower?’: Fear of water

‘Will I get a shower?’: Fear of water shortages may be turning tourists off outback Queensland

Free WiFi services launched in over 200

Free WiFi services launched in over 200 locations in Dubai

Ready Set Test!


We started testing this corporate satellite broadcast at least and 1 1/2 hours prior to start time.  We made sure there were no technical glitches with the broadcast and that the live stream would not crash under stress.  Satellite broadcasts are an excellent tool in a meeting planner’s arsenal to make enterprise-wide announcements, to launch products or to publicize significant events.

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