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United As One Voice

eacd8fc8-43c9-4bbd-b7d2-cf422adaa2ccAnyone who has engaged in successful business deals and interactions understands the importance of face-to-face meetings, conventions, conferences, trade shows and incentive travel. Strong relationships are never built solely from virtual communication
and technology.

Despite its vastly positive outcomes, the world of in-person meetings and events is often mischaracterized – which is why industry leaders are united behind Meetings Mean Business, a proactive campaign to change the conversation.

Meetings Mean Business is an information and advocacy platform that will highlight the industry’s role in creating jobs, generating economic value and driving business success.

The coalition is comprised of leaders within business, professional associations and destination marketing organizations. Garnering support from across the industry is critical for this campaign’s success. To actively engage with stakeholders, the media and key policymakers, the campaign is organized around three pillars:

  • Creating Personal Connections – Personal relationships are at the core of every business decision and face-to-face meetings provide professionals with that personal interaction, which leads to deeper relationships.
  • Driving Positive Business Outcomes – Meetings and events deliver profits, help win new accounts, serve as education platforms and allow colleagues and partners to come together to innovate and achieve results.
  • Building Strong Communities – Outside of the results driven by business meetings, the events and meetings industry creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, generates billions of dollars of revenue and supports communities across the country.

This is just the start of a new dialogue within the industry. By leading with hard-hitting, tangible facts about the benefits of meetings and events, we can begin to change the conversation. To find out more about Meetings Mean Business, visit



Smith, Ozman and Joseph’s (SOJ) is a fearless team of talented meeting planners and event producers with brilliant expertise and an ambitious passion for hospitality. For over a decade we’ve created award-winning events of all types for clients around the globe. Our CEO, Kimberly Smith has over 20 years of event management and production experience. She's an entrepreneur with keen insight, witty style, and an ability to see the big picture. She's worked with organizations all over the world making their events a true art form! This blog will share ideas to help would be entrepreneurs, experienced event planners, and anyone who enjoys a good read!


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